Flying For The First Time? Here Are Some Helpful & Affordable Tips!


Flying For The First Time? Here Are Some Helpful & Affordable Tips!

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Flying can be a very scary thing to do for the first time. To make this experience of human flight more awesome I am going to give you a few tips to make your flight more comfortable. But before planning for an airline trip look up for the coupons and deals given by different airline to get cheap tickets in order to make your travel an affordable traveling.


Always pack light when you are travelling. Lot of people takes stuff with them which they barely use. So just try to take the stuff that is really essential for you.

Noticeable Case:

Make your case noticeable. Buy a colorful case or use color straps so that your case is recognizable to you. If in case your case is lost, it is easy to explain to airline about the description of your bag. If you just have a black bag, it will be difficult for them to find it.

Keep Everything Safe:

Keep everything safe in your case. Pack smart and make sure it is closed properly. Lock up your stuff.

No Liquids:

Make sure you don’t have any fluids of even 100 milliliter in your hand carry. Your toiletries especially fluids needs to be packed in a transparent plastic bag.

Warm Comfortable Clothes:

If you are on a long flight, pack some pajamas. Go to the toilet, change it and become comfortable on the whole flight. When the airplane is about to land, change your clothes so when you reach destination you have clean and wrinkle free attire to put on.

Check In:

If you check in for your flight online, you will be able to travel to the airport and walk straight to the security check point and the earlier you check in there are more chances of getting nice seats on airplane

Charged Devices:

Make sure all your devices; laptops, mobile phones, cameras, tablets, battery bank are fully charged so you have entertainment on the flight but remember to keep your cell phone on airplane mode.

Boarding Time:

Before going to airport check online the boarding time of your airline. Some airline state when the gate opens and some airline states the start time of boarding. Make sure not to mix two things.

Double Checking:

Double check your passport, wallet, smart phone and other document you might need for travel and then make your way to the airport.

Smile And Be Polite Towards Security:

They have a really tough job to do and their job Is really important. Pay attention to what they tell you. Place jackets, jerseys, cardigans, hats into one bin. Take off your shoes and put it in other bin. Put laptops, cameras, mobiles into other bins. Keep a good eye on whatever you have placed in whichever bin. You don’t want it to get stolen or lost. When the security agent is ready for you, go through the metal detector or body scanner. Pause and wait for the agent to tell you to proceed. Empty your bins and place your valuables in your bag.

Proceed To The Airline:

Once you are ready, proceed to the gate. Give smile to everyone as you enter the airline. Make your way fast to the seat. Take anything you need out of your bag and place your bag in the overhead bins. Sit down and fasten your seat belt. Make sure you don’t come into the way of the passengers who is passing by. Be very efficient.

Safety Details By Flight Attendants:

Listen carefully what the flight attendant is explaining. If you already know the security brief still acknowledge the flight attendant.

Airplane Reaching To A Certain Altitude:

Once the plane has taken off, and the sign of the seat belts sign is turned off, you are free to roam around in the plane. Walk a little to stretch your body, do little squats before going restroom. Make sure to remain hydrated.

Airplane Landed:

Once the airplane has landed, and seat belts sign is turned off, everybody starts to take out their bags from the bins. It’s very stressful. Don’t be that person. Relax for a second unless you don’t have a connecting flight for which you are getting late. Be patient. And in a proper way get off the plane. Don’t forget to thank the flight attendant for the amazing job they are doing.


The next step is immigration where you need to go towards your designated immigration counter to get an entry stamp on your passport. Check the signs above the counters if they are for your country/region or continent. Every airport Be patient on these counters and stay in a line.

Collect Bags

Collect your bags from the belt and congratulations, you are done with all the process. Now just walk towards the exit and catch a taxi towards your destination.

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