Best Gifts For A New Born Baby Under $20

Best Gifts For A New Born Baby Under $20

Best Gifts For A New Born Baby Under $20

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To buy a cute adorable gift for a baby might sound easy, but it’s actually difficult when it comes to making a purchase, things can be a bit tricky. After all, we cannot gift a blanket to every other baby.

Whether if you are buying a gift for your own child or a friend’s child, you can make your shopping a baby breeze this holiday season with these following gift ideas, which are timeless, classy, affordable yet cheap and completely innovative, there is a little something here for everyone.

A gift for a newborn can also be a gift for a mother or father where you can get them some gadgets to handle the baby.

Baby Nursing Cover

A baby nursing cover is a must have for every beautiful mom out there to feed their child without any fear of awkward moments. This baby nursing is all in one which can be used as a cover for a car seat, shopping cart cover, stroller cover and breast feeding protection.

A Set Of Spoons & Forks

These adorable set of utensils fit perfectly in baby’s hands which comes in vibrant colors. These utensils are totally BPA free and contains the easy grip handles which are helpful for little baby’s hands.

Cookie Teethers

For a baby, who tries to chew everything with their growing teeth, a teether is a must have item to be hanged as a necklace. These cookie teethers are made with luxury high end Japanese silicone to help baby with their teething process.

Cuteness Overloaded Shark Bath Robe

Let the baby shark do do do do with this cute shark themed hooded towel to keep them dry and warm after bath time. The parents and baby both will love this robe as its extra comfy and soft.

Letters To The Baby

An extreme emotional gift which will have an effect after a decade or two. Your baby will always be your baby. Whether you’re pregnant or a new parent, fill these twelve envelopes with memories and hopes for your bundle of joy. Then postdate, seal, and save the letters to gift to your child at a later date.

Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel

If not a shark one, the baby will definitely fall in love with this soft hooded bath towel with bear ears. The seller at Amazon offers a lifetime guarantee on this bath towel which is enough to believe in the quality.

Baby Handprint and Footprint Kit

Another amazing gift for parents and babies both. A frame to preserve adorable footprint or handprint of newborn.

Baby Beanies

A baby must adopt fashion and culture from the beginning of their life. These comfortable and smart beanies will enhance the fashion sense of baby and will also protect their head from cold.

A Water Play Mat

A BPA free water plastic mat for babies to learn and develop some great skills like hand-eye coordination. Also help babies to develop neck and shoulder muscles and enhance brain development.

A Sports Bag

Let your next sportsman of the year start developing their fitness and sprint with the soft plush balls. A simple gift for babies to help them stay active.


Socks + Wrist Rattles

A science based designed socks and baby wrist rattles through which a baby can learn and develop different set of skills.

Age Blocks

A perfect photo prop for babies. Parents can keep these blocks beside the baby as a photo bomb and enjoy these beautiful memories afterwards.

Baby Proofing Kit

Safety First!! A complete baby proofing kit to cover all the possible incidents which a baby suffer from. Cover the sockets, protect the corners, protect cabinet locks, door handles and much more. A protective parent will definitely love this useful gift for their baby.

A Diaper Bag

A waterproof diaper bag with large capacity and multiple pockets. A perfect gift for new mothers who can keep the diapers and other essential items in this little bag.

Baby Sleep Machine

A simple rechargeable machine which helps a baby to sleep fast with the soothing sounds like white noise, shusher and others. Its again a perfect gift for parents who want their baby to sleep in few minutes.

Baby Wrap Carrier

A baby wrap carrier for the moms and dads to hold babies close to their hearts without feeling pain in hands.

A Tech Monitor

A tech monitor with 1000 ft of range. This monitor analyze the intensity of noise in baby’s room and alert the parents if baby cries or wakes up. Let the parents roam freely around the home and this monitor will work as the parents 3rd ear.

Amazon Gift Card

Cant decide anything ? A giftcard is here to save you from any type of awkwardness. A universal gift that can be used by any of the parents to purchase anything.

House Cleaning Service

A wish of all parents if someone could come and clean their house while they enjoy time with their baby. You can simply coordinate with the parents and schedule a cleaning service for them for around $20.

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