6 Best Facial Beds on Amazon – (Buying + Saving Guide)

6 Best Facial Beds on Amazon – (Buying + Saving Guide)

6 Best Facial Beds on Amazon – (Buying + Saving Guide)

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Facial is the art of beauty that every man and women desires to have. A perfect facial is the one that is done with fully equipped tools by cleansing all the pores and removing the dead skin. People get facials for different reasons, some want to feel relax and get pampered, some want to get rid of those horrible blackheads, while some want their skin to look fresh and younger.

If you own a salon or a beauty parlor where you serve your clients with facial or other services you need to make sure that the kindness you are assisting is a customer worth. So, before starting the facial you should confirm that the customer is pleasant and expressing positive vibes. For that, you need to have the best facial bed at your salon or beauty parlor so the customer could make the most out of every moment of the service.

If you are curious to know which facial bed will suit the best at your salon, so don’t be. When you look for the Best Facial Beds, you will have 6 main choices shown below:

6 Best Facial Beds

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Characteristics of 6 Best Facial Beds

1) Aesthetic Tattoo Procedure Facial Bed

Aesthetic Tattoo Procedure Facial Bed

Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
Height: Adjustable between 25” to 35”
Full Size: 80” x 32”
Rotation: N/A

Top Features:

  • The machine includes a dual-headrest feature that is feasible for all types of presentations.
  • Every part is removable, which makes it easy for cleaning and self-maintain.
  • Paper roll holder is excessively available at purchase.
  • Build with structural steel for durability and superior comfort.
  • Works with Duo Electro-Hydraulic motor for height and backrest adjustment.
  • You can adjust leg-rest physically at multi positions.
  • High-Density memory foam
  • Covered with high-grade faux leather
  • Safe and Durable during actions
  • Both hand Remote and foot remote are included
  • The footrest is very stiff and a little bit tough to lift up and down.

2) Podiatry Chair With Thermal Seat

Podiatry Chair With Thermal Seats

Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
Height: Adjustable between 24” to 35”
Full Size: 71” x 33”
Rotation: N/A

Top Features:

  • Made with high-density foam for a fellow feeling.
  • Consists of Dual Headrest for functioning beauty and medical facilities.
  • Easily operates on hand remote and foot controls.
  • Ejectable arms and headrest for operating different functions.
  • You can use the remote for changing positions of the bed.
  • Works on a low voltage
  • Thermal Heated Seats for Superior Relaxation
  • 4 Electro-hydraulic motors to operate smoothly
  • Heavy Duty with 400 lbs. weight capacity
  • The Chair does not swivel
  • No massage functions

3) EARTHLITE Portable Massage and Facial Bed

EARTHLITE Portable Massage and Facial Bed

Weight Capacity: 375 lbs
Height: 33”
Full Size: 73” x 30”
Rotation: N/A

Top Features:

  • Consists of a dual-density cushioning system which is so much supportive
  • The bed is manually adjustable to tilt vertically
  • Hardwood dowel table frame.
  • Comes with a premium strata foam cushion and a carry case.
  • Adjustable face cradle can fit on the header or placed manually.
  • The fabric of the bed is water-resistant
  • 100% Squeak proof
  • Available in 8 different colors
  • The face cradle can be adjusted according to your choice
  • The bed does not consist of an armrest
  • Needs to function manually

4) Eva Portable Multi-Functional Beauty Bed

Eva Multi-Functional Beauty Bed

Weight Capacity: 750 lbs
Height: Adjustable between 25″ to 34”
Full Size: 83” x 30”
Rotation: N/A

Top Features:

  • Adjustable height table with a holding capacity of 750 lbs.
  • Easily removable breast and belly filler to adjust one’s body while face-down
  • With a size of 30” x 83” and an adjustable headrest, it’s comfortable for both genders.
  • Arm sling under the headrest for holding hands when lying face downwards.
  • Hardwood dowel base, that is free from free of formaldehyde and carcinogens
  • Best for Pregnant ladies to give support to their belly when lying face-down
  • Extremely comfortable 3” soft cushion
  • Non-mark foot pads prevent floor damage
  • Multi-functional beauty bed for facial, massage, spa, and other salon needs
  • Does not consist of arms rest

5) Spamaster Stationary Massage Table

Spamaster Stationary Massage Table

Weight Capacity: 1000 lbs
Height: Adjustable between 24″ to 34”
Full Size: 84” x 31”
Rotation: N/A

Top Features:

  • Adjustable Ergonomic Dream face cradle, Ergonomic Dream face pillow is added to relieve pressure.
  • The whole frame is covered with hi-gloss Dura-Seal, which makes the bed more long-lasting.
  • It’s a multi-functional table and can be used for massaging and facial services.
  • Covering an area of 31” x 84” and triple plywood under the foam makes the bed stronger for supporting a weight of 2500 lbs.
  • The armrest can only be raised when the back is raised.
  • Water Resistant and Chlorofluorocarbons free
  • A wide empty shelf under the bed for putting your stuff
  • A sturdy elevating liftback is added for client comfort
  • Triple plywood is placed under the foam for extra strength
  • 5 years warranty available
  • All transmissions to be done manually

6) LCL Beauty Electric Facial Bed

LCL Beauty Electric Facial Bed

Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
Height: Adjustable between 26” to 33”
Full Size: 79” x 24”
Rotation: N/A

Top Features:

  • Premium black leather looks adorable and provides a satisfying look.
  • The electrical base can easily work on the power of 110v.
  • A technician stool with the facial bed makes it more comfortable for the aesthetician to perform his tasks.
  • The 4” thick with a high-density foam comes up with extreme comfort.
  • The armrest can be easily removed without losing any screws.
  • The headrest and the footpad can be electrically adjusted.
  • Feasible for aestheticians and massage therapist
  • Headrest can be extended 7″ more for taller clients
  • The chair can either be used for facial or massage
  • The head pillow is removable for carrying out further activities
  • The back of the bed cannot be adjusted to 90°
  • Does not have the ability to swivel

Buying and Saving Money on Facial Beds

Hope you have gone through the reviews and ratings of the facial beds mentioned above. Whether you are buying a facial bed or a back scrubber, it’s necessary to go through the reviews and ratings of the product. It does not only help you compare the prices but assists you in figuring out which one will be the best for you. You can compare them with their features, pros and cons, and ratings.

Before you buy anything, always check-out the best possible ways of saving money. The most habitual way of saving money from Amazon is to leave your item in a cart for 4 to 5 days, and Amazon will give you a discount on your bill through your email. If that trick didn’t work, you can always look for the coupons or promo codes from Savingsays and I am sure it will help you save a fair amount of money before proceeding towards the check-out.

A Facial beauty bed is your asset. You can get your hands on any serviceable bed but with that, you’ll be missing the quality features. And if you don’t have a high-grade asset, you won’t be able to earn a luxury profit. For a quality treatment, you need to come up with luxury equipment in which the bed plays the main role. And if you buy the most luxury bed from the above list which is $2675 which I think is reasonable for the features included in this bed. The average cost of comprehensive facial treatment is around $90, and if you are seeing 6 to 8 clients in a day, you’ll be able to cover-up the cost of the facial bed in just a week.

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