55 Interesting Ways To Save Money From Amazon

55 Interesting Ways To Save Money From Amazon

55 Interesting Ways To Save Money From Amazon

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Although, you might find tons of great deals and offers from Amazon, but here we have compiled a list of 55 secret ways that a user might not know about. Try these hacks and save yourself a ton of money.

The Coupons

1. Third Party Coupons

Searching coupons and effective deals is still one of the top most effective way to save your money from Amazon while Purchasing. Check out the Amazon coupons, deals and promo codes here.

2. Amazon Own Coupons

Amazon Coupons showcases coupon discounts from top brands within Grocery, Health & Beauty, Electronics, Home Improvement, Movies, and more. You can save up to 20% by simply using “clip coupon” option.

Some Awesome Tricks


3. Abandon Cart

Just add a product to your cart and don’t buy it. Amazon will surely offer you with promo or discounts after 4-5 days on that product. It works almost 90% of the time.

4. Add Custom Search Parameters

Add the following text at the end of URL if you only want to look for discounted products of 60% off or higher. “&pct-off=60-” . Change 60 to any other number to explore other options.

5. Sign Up And Can Cancel Prime Membership

Amazon offers free two shipping and exclusive discounts to their prime members. You can sign up for a free 30 day trial period, avail all the perks, buy the items you need and cancel the free trial period before the payment is charged. But we suggest you to keep your Prime account as it has got huge benefits.

6. Cheap Add On Items

Amazon offers cheap add on items like toiletries and Vitamin s on purchases over $25. Look for them before completing your orders.

7. Receive New Product Without Shipping Back Old broken item

If unfortunately, you receive a broken or a damaged item from Amazon, you can contact Amazon customer service directly with the images to get a refund or replacement without the hassle of sending back the old one.

8. Use A Double Browser Trick

Amazon can be a little tricky with their customers. As you might know that there are 100’s of other third party sellers who are selling same products at Amazon and as an ethical organization, Amazon has to give chance to every seller. One might be selling a phone for $100, and other for $150. What you need is to open and search for the same product from two different browsers and you’ll see the difference.

9. Amazon Promotions

While Buying, take a deep look on Amazon special promotions on items you are planning to buy. For example you may get free movie downloads or any free stuff. Promotions are also sent via email to Prime members.

Lets Dig Out Amazon


10. Subscribe & Save

Sign Up for “Subscribe & Save” to get exclusive offers on thousands of everyday products. You’ll get free shipping + can save up to 15% on products.

11. Trade In Program

Check out the Amazon trade in program where you can sell your old stuff like mobile phones, tablets or video games in exchange for Amazon gift cards.

12. Today’s Deals

Scroll to the top of Amazon and find the section of “Today’s Deals“. Here you can save up to 70% on several niche products from clothing, home decor, stationary, lightning and much more.

13. Amazon Subscription Boxes

Amazon has a number of subscription boxes for different categories and you can save up to 50% off first month.

14. Amazon Ware House Deals

Amazon warehouse page usually offers the box opened products which are used, returned or have some cosmetic damage. You can find amazing deals on quality used products like computers, tablets, cameras, kitchen items, televisions, cell phones and much more.

15. Amazon Outlet

Just like any other brand, Amazon also has their outlet store where you can find huge discounts on popular overstocked items and can save up to 70% off.

16. Join Amazon Mailing List

You can also score deals by getting on Amazon’s mailing list. They will directly send out the deals of only those categories you prefer to.

17. Price Match Refund On Televisions

Amazon has a price refund policy on TV and returns your money in a form of an Amazon gift card. It only happens if you spot the at a lower price than Amazon withing 30 days, Just contact Amazon for refunds.

18. Free Return Items

Before buying any new experimental product, make sure to read products detail page if they offer free returns. Remember, Amazon will not refund original shipping fees.

19. The Game Of Amazon Coins

Amazon Coins are used on Fire tablets, Fire TV, and on any Android device through the Amazon App store. 100 Amazon Coins are worth $1.00 and sometimes there are deals where you can get more. Also, sometimes you get free coins when you download any new app or game.

20. Catch Up Amazon Treasure Truck

It’s a mobile truck by Amazon which offer some fantastic deals and offers in your area. If you only show up and don’t buy anything, they might offer your kids with some free goodies and toys. You just need to sign up for text message alerts for your area.

Lets Go Prime


21. Be A Prime Member

Being a Prime Member has got a number of huge benefits. Visit this page to check all of them.

22. Be A Prime Student

Amazon Prime Student Membership is better than a normal prime member in terms of monthly charges. You can sign up for 6 month free trial membership if you are a college student and can receive perks like free two day shipping, unlimited photo storage and much more benefits. After free trail, it will just cost you $6.49 per month.

23. Prime Membership For $5.99/Month

If you are on government assistance, means having an EBT card, you can get prime membership for $5.99 instead of $8.25 a month. You’ll get every benefit as other prime member but not household sharing. Visit here for details

24. Baby Registry Discounts

Expecting a baby ? Register now with Amazon baby registry and receive a free welcome box worth $35, also 10% extra discount on baby registry items + 90 day free returns and much more.

25. Receive Products Late And Get Rewards

Amazon Prime members who choose “no rush shipping” get rewards and discounts on future purchases. Once the item ships, the rewards are added instantly to the account.

26. Share Your Prime Account

You can add up to 10 members of your family in your Amazon Prime membership account by visiting Amazon household page. A family that save together, spends together.

27. Get 20% Off On Diapers

If you have a prime membership, you can ask Amazon to deliver monthly diapers to you with 20% off and free delivery. Details here.

28. Prime Pantry

Prime Pantry is an option where prime members and can shop everyday household products like toiletries, groceries, healthcare products and more. Prime Pantry can help you save a lot of money by offering free shipping on everyday items.

29. Amazon Wedding Registry

Sign Up For Amazon Wedding Registry and receive bonus gifts for couple, 5% cashback and much more benefits. Check Amazon’s Wedding Registry Guide here.

30. Try Before You Buy

With Amazon Prime Wardrobe, you can get clothes shipped to your home and you’ll have 7 days to choose for the items to keep or return. Shipping and returns are free.

The Visa Cards


31. Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card

You’ll instantly get $70 gift card with Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Cards. Also 5% cashback on every purchase at Amazon and Whole Foods Market. 2% cashback on restaurants, gas stations and drug store. 1% on every other purchases.

32. Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card

You’ll instantly get $50 gift card with Amazon Visa Signature Cards. Also 3% cashback on every purchase at Amazon and Whole Foods Market. 2% cashback on restaurants, gas stations and drug store. 1% on every other purchases.

Save Yourself From Sales Tax


33. Save the Sales Tax

You might have to pay sales tax that are shipped to states. Tip: You wont be hit with sales tax if you pay with gift cards.

34. Buy From 3rd Party Sellers

Amazon is not the only seller but there might be hundreds of other companies, individuals who might be selling the same products at much cheap rates. Also, 3rd party sellers do not charge sales tax. To see if there is a third party seller, you can click on these options on at Amazon’s website.

Amazon Third Party sellers

Dodge The Shipping Charges


35. Free Shipping without being a prime member

Amazon offers free shipping on orders over $25. Add products to your cart and simply select free shipping at the end. It will take time to get your products delivered but its free.

36. Pre Order To Get Free Shipping

Amazon offer free shipping on orders over $25. If your cart isn’t qualifying for free shipping, you can pre-order any upcoming item like a movie, game or anything. You wont be charged for pre-order item until it ships and also you can avail free shipping. Bonus: You can change your mind and also cancel that pre-ordered item; it won’t matter.

Lets Read Free Books


37. Buy Cheap Books From Other Countries

There is a site call CheapRiver.com where you can compare the price of books in other countries. Their might be little differences in the books but the contents are mostly be same.

38. AARP Membership For Books

If you are an AARP member, you can save 50% off selected kindle e-books, and 10 percent off Kindle e-Readers and Kindle Fire.

39. Read Free Books

Amazon offers free prime reading of 1000’s of books & magazines if you are an Amazon Prime member. You don’t have to pay for kindle books.

The Gift Cards


40. Squeeze out your prepaid gift cards

Got any prepaid gift cards with extra $1 left ? Squeeze them out and use them to buy Amazon Gift cards . Send the gift card to yourself and copy out the code to your account.

41. Buy Low Price Gift Cards

You can always check out the websites like eBay or Gift Card Granny and find Amazon gift cards which are being sold there at cheap price.

42. Turn Coins Into Cash

It can also be a great hobby. Instead of losing coins all the time, turn your coins into Amazon gift card with no additional fee through Coinstar kiosk with no additional charges.

43. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk help you to earn money in the form of gift cards when you complete little tasks like surveys, data analysis, etc.



44. Get $5 For Free

Amazon loves cash! Amazon gifts you $5 bonus when you add a cash of $20 in your Amazon balance. You can simply visit any Amazon partner store and can get this process done easily.

45. Free Samples From Amazon

Sign Up to receive free samples from Amazon delivered straight to your home. You don’t need to be a prime member to receive free samples.

46. Review and Win

Websites like Snagshout.com offer products up to 50% Off or free products sometimes for just an honest review in return. There are other dozens of sites like this which you can find here.

Third Party Services


47. Get An Automatic Refund

You can use services like Paribus.co which that will track the prices, and put in a claim for a refund on your behalf. It happens on the products whose price drops within 30 days of your purchase.

48. Deal Tracking Sites

The price of products may go up and down at Amazon. You can use the deal tracking sites like camelcamelcamel.com which can alert you of the price drops or price hikes of your desired product.

Earn From Amazon


49. Enroll For Amazon Associate Program

Another option is you can enroll for Amazon associate program. This way, you can get commissions if your friends or followers buy your recommended product. You must have a website, Social media page or any other platform to join this program.

50. Sell On Amazon

Anyone can sell easily at Amazon if they have entrepreneurial skills. Search a bit on internet and start your journey on selling at Amazon.

Some Miscellaneous Tips


51. Focus On Necessities

Once you enter Amazon to buy a shirt, you might end up buying a deep fryer and mobile phones. Just stick to your wish list and buy only the products you opened it up for.

52. Purchase At Right Time

If you are not buying any every day item. You can simply wait for the Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday or any other holiday season to find exclusive deals on those high priced products.

53. Turn Off Amazon Notifications From Mobile App

Everyday, they send a pop-up notification which intrigues to open Amazon at least once and check products. 20% of the time, people end up buying useless stuff.

54. Don’t run for colors

You might have not noticed yet, but the items which are available in different colors have different price tags. If your’e not a choosy person, you can consider buying any other color which may be cheap.

55. Shop And Donate

With Amazon Smile, 0.5% of your purchase price is donated to any charitable organization of your choice. Visit smile.amazon.com and shop products that are eligible for donations. With this way you can save time, and also money of visiting charity offices and separate transaction charges.

Thank you so much for reading the complete article, Let us know in the comments if you save from any of our tricks. Also, we’ll keep adding new other ways as soon as we discover them.

Ways To Save Money From Amazon

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